• Why should I choose Istituto di Moda Burgo (IMB) Malaysia?
    Istituto di Moda Burgo originates from Italy and was brought to Malaysia by
    Dato Mike Loh, founder of SCCA. IMB is one of Milan’s most prestigious and
    notable private fashion schools which train students by focusing practically
    instead of theoretically. Istituto di Moda burgo (IMB) Malaysia is unlike any
    other institutions as we refer to the Italian fashion design method.
  • How much do i need to pay to join the fashion design course at IMB
    IMB Malaysia course prices vary according to programs and scholarships.
  • Does IMB Malaysia offer short courses?
    IMB Malaysia offers short courses, which is made to cater to students who
    would prefer to study part-time. Therefore, the short course is subjected to
    credit hours and students are free to choose according to their preferred
  • How can I join a course?
    There are a few simple methods for your enrollment.
    1. Click the “FIND OUT MORE” button where you will be redirected to the course, and simply click the “JOIN NOW” button to join the course.
    2. Call us at these numbers 016-916 6600/11/22
    3. Come to our college at Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur level 6. Our staff will be more than happy to guide you through it.
  • Who can join the fashion design course at IMB Malaysia?
    IMB Malaysia welcomes all individuals who are hungry for fame, glamour and
    are committed to becoming the next fashion mogul. Here at IMB Malaysia, we
    do not discriminate between race, religion, size, gender or status. We
    encourage everyone to join from the average Joe working adult, up and
    coming designers, fashion bloggers or any background for that matter to
    experience the Italian high-quality craftsmanship and luxury design.
  • What can I expect by joining the fashion design course at IMB Malaysia?
    First of all, be prepared to have the time of your life by studying what you’re
    passionate about. Also, expect cool long-lasting friendship bonds with friends
    who share similar interest as you.
    Most importantly, be ready for an interactive learning journey while you are in
    IMB Malaysia. We pride ourselves on focusing on the practicality instead of
    theoretically. Not to mention helpful lecturers who will guide and inspire you to
    create your own design.
  • How long will I need to complete a course in IMB Malaysia?
    The fashion design course will cater to student’s preference such as a 1-year
    course, 2 years course or short courses where students are required to
    complete certain credit hours.
  • Who are my lecturers at IMB Malaysia?
    The fashion design course is lead and monitored by professional lecturers
    focusing on one-to-one teaching method that emphasis on the exuberant and
    opulent Italian Fashion. IMB Malaysia has an IMB Italy graduate as one of the
    lecturers within the fashion design course. The other lecturer is a local
    designer who has styled multiple celebrities.
  • What materials are included?
    IMB Malaysia will supply basic materials such as manuals, which is imported from Italy. Also,
    students will be given videos, course notes and etc as you go along in order to
    complete this course. Nonetheless, students are required to have the Adobe Illustrator software for
    design creations, drawing and artwork upon enrollment.