Dress Making

Dress Making

What Does the Dressmaker Do?

The dressmaker is responsible for supervising the development of all garments related to a collection, being able to make last minute changes or interventions, when required by the stylist. They must be good at stress-management, as they will most likely find themselves improvising in a rush, without the possibility to compromise the quality of their work.

Career Opportunities

The dressmaker can work independently, as part of a company, or by custom orders. They know how to create everything, from a plain shirt to an elegant suit, from a skirt to a coat, from underwear to wedding gowns. It is very important for the dressmaker to know both traditional and more innovative techniques and to implement them within their work.

  • Measurements Study
  • Ease allowance Study
  • Pattern Lay Out
  • Haute Couture
  • Pattern Making Techniques
  • Transferring Darts
  • Industrial Techniques
  • Pattern Placement
  • Tailor Sewing Technique
  • Tailoring Techniques
  • Industrial Sewing Techniques
  • Fashion History
  • Creativeness
  • Fibers and Yarns
  • Fabrics and Materials
  • Pattern Grading Technique
  • Planning Techniques
  • Price Control
  • Quality Control
  • Techniques Schedule

Lesson duration: 3 hours
Total course hours: 900

Standard Programme:
Duration: 2 years
Attendance: 4 lessons per week

Intensive Programme:
Duration: 1 year
Attendance: 8 lessons per week

•    Admission Fee for Malaysia-based Program: RM3000

The payment for the Admission Fee has to be transferred/paid after you complete the enrolment to secure your seat. This guarantees:
•    Burgo Exclusive Didactic Book and rulers will be included in the admission fee
•    Attestato ( Certificate of attendance ) from IMB Milan included.
•    An automatic enrolment to IMB Milan if students decide to take special courses in Milan.

Tuition Fee payment should be transferred a month before the course starts.

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